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Marriage Annulment Lawyer in Salem, MA

Speak with a Salem Divorce Attorney to Discuss Your Marriage Annulment

The process of annulment is declaring that your marriage never legally existed in the first place. With a divorce you are simply bringing the marriage to an end. An annulment could be beneficial for a number of reasons, but in order for the court to grant your annulment you must meet the legal requirements. Speak to the family law attorney at KRP Law, LLC to see if an annulment would be right for you.

What are legal grounds for annulment?

Not everyone can obtain an annulment in Massachusetts family court. In order to be eligible for an annulment, you must be able to prove to the court that there was never a valid marriage relationship to begin with.

In order to do this, you would need to meet one of the following grounds:

  • The marriage was fraudulent
  • The marriage occurred under duress
  • One party lacked the capacity to give their consent
  • The married couple is related by blood
  • One or both spouses was already married

When is a marriage fraudulent? A marriage is fraudulent if one spouse hid important information from the other.This can include their criminal history, that they have sexually transmitted disease (STD), that they are pregnant, or if they aren't able to have children.

Other situations that constitute a fraudulent marriage include:

  • Marriage in order to obtain a green card or for other immigration purposes
  • Marriage that is entered under duress, means that one spouse was forced into the marriage unwillingly
  • One spouse was drunk
  • One spouse was under 18 years of age
  • One spouse was mentally disabled at the time that they entered into the marriage
  • In Massachusetts consanguinity is illegal, so if the couple is related by blood, then the marriage can be annulled
  • To avoid bigamy or polygamy, if one spouse was already legally married before entering into union with another, then that is considered grounds for an annulment

Schedule a Free Legal Consultation Today!

If you are considering annulment, get in touch with the Salem, MA divorce lawyer at KRP Law, LLC. With high-caliber representation on your side, your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome are far greater. Let me worry about all the legal groundwork for preparing your annulment case. I have extensive trial litigation experience, and I am also highly skilled in negotiations and mediation. I offer a free and confidential case evaluation to all prospective clients, so contact KRP Law, LLC today to discuss your potential annulment.

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